Daring to share


Now that I’m getting ready to field test my stories with some local children, I thought it was about time I posted a sample here and invited feedback.

So here is the first story of the five I have written so far.

Remember, the idea is to publish picture books, so that readers will ultimately have a fully illustrated book to enjoy. Right now you will have to use your imaginations.

Please be honest in your comments, but be constructive.




Ginny Giant



The Dragon


Helen Earl


There’s a Dragon in My Soup!

Ginny Giant sat down to tea:

Her favourite soup – ham and pea.

Her mother went to get some bread

“Careful, it’s hot!” her mother said.

Ginny sipped; but what’s this she’s found?

Something big and hard and round.

Ginny frowned, “That’s not a pea!”

“What is this inside my tea?”

As she looked, the round thing broke

And out of it came a puff of smoke!

“A dragon’s egg!” hear Ginny whoop

“There is a dragon in my soup!”

“Now don’t be silly, Ginny dear

What would a dragon be doing here?”

“The backstroke, mum, if I’m seeing it right

He’s really cute, but he gave me a fright.”

“Eat your tea, stop playing games.”

“Come see for yourself, he’s blowing flames!”

Her mother looked, and sure enough

The dragon gave another puff.

The dragon climbed from Ginny’s bowl

By using her spoon as a pole

He flapped his wings to get them dry

But though he tried, he couldn’t fly.

“Well, I never!” Mrs Giant said,

“He’s wearing a peapod on his head!

I wonder how I brought him home?

Dragons are not known to roam

Up in the mountains they survive

Where they are left alone to thrive

I’ve never seen one in the trees

Let alone in soup with peas!”

“He’ll never get back on his own

He’s only young; he needs a home.

Can I keep him? Let’s ask Dad

He’ll be the best pet I’ve ever had!”

Mrs Giant shook her head,

“I’m not so sure,” her mother said,

“A dragon would be hard to tame

And there is danger from his flame.”

“I promise, I will take great care,

To part with him I cannot bear.

“I’ll call him Sweetpea, my new friend,

We’ll stay together to the end.”

When Mr Giant got home that night

He was greeted by the strangest sight.

“Goodness gracious, look at that!

A baby dragon, with a peapod for a hat!”

By Helen Earl