Another gloomy school piece


Pollution, a Protest

Helen Boitoult

Form 4W


Into the murky depths, I ponder

On death

From another bank a pebble falls

I blink, to block it out

My mind flashes back again

To life

Back to when the fish could breathe

Animals could live in peace

Couples could walk in a park

Of trees and not of concrete

Oh Man, what life is this?

That kills the things that feed

Give joy

What price must we pay

For progress?

When even our own lives are threatened

What hope does the future hold?

How dare we hope?

When we destroy others and ourselves

For ‘Survival’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Peace’

Not ‘Greed’, ‘Power’, ‘Pride’

And so, the lies continue

And one by one each species dies

Until at last – Man

Who, having killed all source of food

Cannot live

And so, these last remains

Of what was once a sea

Becomes a void of life and movement

As the ripples stop

But my thoughts linger. I ask

How long

Can we hope to live?

And what is left

To live for?

Very thoughtful, and a good control of the verse form. Well done. For the magazine?

I don’t remember being this miserable at school. I LIKED school. I was a contented child. I came from a ‘broken’ home, I guess, but I never felt it like that.



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