Year of Change Challenge December Update


Well, the year is over. It is time for the final update.

1. – Nope. Just Nope. Not a word.
2. The write more plan has ended on a trickle, but at least it didn’t fail. I’ve been doing more editing than writing these past few weeks, but at least I’ve been doing something. I end the year determined to keep writing and keep pitching as 2017 begins, and hope that there’s an agent out there who loves Sweetpea as much as I do. I WILL finish the crossover. I WILL finish the crossover. I’m gonna get back to it just as soon as I’ve posted this.
3. Unbelievably, the read more plan was a huge success. Half way through December I was afraid I was going to fall short. I had three books left to read, and I thought I might not make it. Yet in the end I read 105 books, of which 103 counted toward the challenge, and I did it with 2 days to spare! The average page count was 238 and I read a total of 22,808 pages across the 105 books. my-year-in-books-2016

I’m feeling really proud of myself for this one. I definitely won’t be going all out in the same way in 2017, though. The pressure did detract from the pleasure of reading at times, as I was constantly aware of how many pages from the end I was. I’m going to set a really low target – probably 15 books which is only one every 3.5 weeks or so. I expect to read far more than that, but at least I won’t be worried about tackling some of the longer books. Oh, and I finally reserved the second Magnus Chase. It should be in by the end of the week.
4. I’ve managed to post a blog entry every month. Nobody but me cares, but still.
5. I’m not making any resolutions for 2017, but I am setting myself the goal of finally finishing the crossover. It’s about time. [LOL Unintended pun there, since it is part Quantum Leap which a time travel show.]


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