Year of Change Challenge November Update

  1. What part of ‘We’re not talking about this’ wasn’t clear?
  2. I’m reasonably happy with the write more plan. I submitted the Alphabet Soup challenge on time, and it has received quite a few hits. I have written something ALMOST every day. The exception was 18th November, and I just couldn’t get in the zone for any writing. We put our 6 year old kitty, Pixie, to bed at 10.25pm on Thursday night, and she was fine. When David went to get her for breakfast at 7.10am Friday morning, she was dead. Completely out of the blue. We were devastated. We’ll never know why, or how, but David read that female cats who have been spayed can have a tendency to embolisms. This seems as likely an explanation as any. I think I can be let off that slip in the schedule given the circumstances. Unless there’s a miracle in the next four weeks, 2016 is NOT going to be the year I get published, but I’m not giving up yet. I read recently that Malorie Blackman was rejected 70 times before she got published. And she ended up as the Children’s Laureate! So, with only 11 rejections to my name so far, I can still hope.
  3. Amazingly, the read more plan is still on track. I’ve read 95 books, of which 93 count towards the challenge. It is going to be tight to manage 7 titles in the next month, but I’m determined to give it my best shot. It would be dreadful to fall at the last hurdle. Contrary to my report last month, I now don’t know if Chatterbooks will be operating in January or not. The situation is complex. I need to prepare a title just in case. Good job I enjoy reading junior fiction. Note to self: still haven’t requested the second Magnus Chase book.
  4. I’m updating the blog again. Yay me. Next year’s challenge probably ought to involve writing something that people actually want to read!

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