Year of Change Challenge October Update

  1. We’re not talking about this, remember?
  2. The write more plan is still doing okay. I seriously doubt now that I’ll finish my crossover story this year. However, this is because it is back on hold while I work on an Alphabet Soup challenge story. So it isn’t a failure, just a change of direction. It is still creative writing, and that was what I signed up to do.
  3. The read more plan is on track. I’m quite proud of myself for this one. I am reading a few shorter books to ensure I don’t fall behind again, but that is balanced by some 400-500 page books that I’m getting through as well. I think the overall page count will be more than acceptable. Not sure I’d go for a repeat next year, though, to be honest. Too much pressure takes some of the pleasure out of reading, which kind of defeats the object. I’d much rather set a target of about 50 books and exceed it if I can. Chatterbooks will be coming to an end in December, so the pressure to read a junior book a month will be gone next year. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading them, of course. There are some excellent children’s titles out there. Note to self: remember to request the second Magnus Chase book.
  4. The blog is a couple of days late this month, but real life has thrown us a major curve over the past week, so I forgive myself for that. My apologies to anyone who has been kept waiting. Who am I kidding? Nobody cares!