Year of Change Challenge September Update

  1. Not even bothering with the weight challenge anymore. The scales need a new battery and I just can’t seem to care. End of.
  2. The write more plan is ticking over. I’m doing some writing, and writing pitches. I need to pick up on trying to finish my crossover story by year’s end, but at this stage it is only difficult, not impossible. I know exactly what has to happen, just need to get the words in the right order. I remain sad that my wonderful SG expert is no longer in contact for me to bounce off. The story is certainly poorer for want of her input.
  3. The read more plan is more or less back on track. I’m technically one behind schedule, but catching up. The proofreading is finished, so I can concentrate on reading for the challenge. I’m still a little daunted. I need to read an average of one book every three days to make it comfortably, yet I don’t want to avoid the longer books I’m eager to read. I’ll just have to mix in a few short ones to balance them out. Not quitting till I either get there or get beaten. I’ve got a couple of hospital appointments coming up in October, so hopefully there will be waiting room reading time to help.
  4. The blog is still being updated, albeit with shorter entries than before. [It still counts towards the writing challenge though, right? :P]