Year of Change August Update


Another disappointing month on the challenge front.

  1. The weight loss plan. Officially a total failure. At the end of August I weighed in at 175.7 which is up on last month by almost a pound. I haven’t given up trying altogether, but the will really isn’t there any more. From here on in I think it is more a case of being aware and not having too much that is bad for me, for my health’s sake. As far as the weight is concerned, so long as I don’t balloon back to the 15 stone or so I was some time ago, then I’m not going to beat myself up. I deserve a treat now and then. I refuse to feel guilty about it.
  2. The write more plan. This one has picked up a little, but still not totally back on track. I’m not overly pleased with the progress, but neither am I disheartened. I’m writing most days. I’m doing okay. I’m preparing another pitch at the moment for Sweetpea. Fingers crossed.
  3. The read more plan. I’m still ticking over on this one. I’ve read 64 books, of which 60 count towards the challenge.  I currently have 6 part-read. Technically, I’m about 3 behind. But some of the books have been over 500 pages long, so I still think I’m doing fairly well. Also, I’m still proofing the 700 page book for a friend. I’m not going to feel guilty if I read a few shorter books to help me catch up. I do kinda feel like ‘so many books, so little time’ though at the moment. I could really use a time-turner so I can put in more quality reading time.
  4.  I’m still updating the blog.  We’re well into the second half of the year, and I’m still here. Never expected that, to be honest. Yay me.