JULY update on my ‘Year of Change’ Challenge


This is the month that prompted me to start the challenge in the first place. The month my beautiful Becky married her charming Chris. More of that later.

First, the regular stuff.

A very disappointing month on the challenge front.

  1. The weight loss plan. Officially a failure. On the wedding day I weighed in at 174.8. Not even 10lbs lighter than where I started. And I was trying. Yes, I could probably have tried harder, but for all the difference it made, I might as well have not bothered at all.  The exercise bike finally went back. The second attempt at collection failed when their van broke down. Third time lucky? Well, it went. At 6.55am when I wasn’t even dressed yet. At least Bob got his refund.  I finally got a dress I thought would be lovely – on my birthday. Looked okay when I tried it on in the shop, although it needed a couple of little darts and a tuck. Did the alterations, seemed fine. But on the day, I hated it. I’d wanted to look elegant. Just that. Not a big ask. But the dress just didn’t sit right. It showed my bra a little at the front underarm, and a lot at the back. The straps kept slipping down. It fidgeted me, and it doesn’t look right in the pictures. Very disappointed. I would have done better to stick with the evening dress for both. That was lovely. Still, Becky looked totally awesome, and that’s the main thing. She was the star, I was just supporting cast.
  2. The write more plan. This one slipped pretty badly. I’ve done some writing, but nothing like every day. Okay, so there were other priorities this month, but still not good. On the plus side, I have been doing some editing for a friend, so that is part of my excuse.
  3. The read more plan. I’ve been just about ticking over on this one. I’ve read 58 books, of which 54 count towards the challenge.  I currently have 4 part-read. Also, I’ve been reading the above mentioned work that I’m proofing for a friend. At nearly 700 pages, it ought to count for something! No shame on this one.
  4.  I’m still updating the blog. 


The wedding was wonderful!

Yes, there were a few tiny imperfections, like my dress.

The vicar forgot, despite us making a point of it at the rehearsal – so the couple didn’t use their full names when exchanging vows. A shame, but not the end of the world.

We had a ribbon malfunction on the car taking me and the bridesmaids to the church, which held us up. Not a biggie.

I ended up ‘rescuing’ Becky’s phone at the reception from a pile of used plates and napkins and forgetting to give it back to her when I left.

Bob sat in something on a bench outside, and the stain won’t come out of his pants.

I’m sure there were other minor negatives.

None of which take away from the fact that it was a beautiful day and not just in terms of the weather. The church looked lovely with the hearts strategically place at the ends of the pews and on the arches etc. Better than traditional flowers, because they were more personal and original. I can’t remember when I last saw the church so full. The ceremony was very moving, and just about the right length!

We were very moved that Dr Disher, Becky’s Godfather, made the long journey from his retirement home to attend.

The photographer was very well organized and professional. I’m looking forward to seeing her shots.

The bridesmaids all rocked their royal blue dresses. Despite being different sizes and skin tones, they all carried it off splendidly.

The reception hall looked wonderful. The little butterfly boxes were so pretty – I wish I’d nabbed one to keep.

The cake was adorned with edible butterflies and fitted so well with the color scheme, and it tasted great. My only regret there is that mum wasn’t here to make one for them.

I was really proud of David for giving the father-of-the-bride speech he’d been so nervous about. And of Bob, especially for sticking it out till I left at 10.45pm. I hadn’t expected that.

The speeches were all great. I got a bit teary eyed. Would have kinda liked to give one of my own, but Bex knows what I would have said, and that’s what matters most.

Oh and did I mention? Becky looked absolutely gloriously stunning in her gorgeous wedding dress. For a gal who rarely wears a dress, she really nailed the princess look. She positively radiated happiness. If smiles were pounds, they’d have amassed a fortune that day. God willing they’ll remain as happy and in love as they were that day.