JUNE update on my ‘Year of Change’ Challenge


A DISASTER of a month.

  1. The weight loss plan: VERY DISHEARTENED. I’m still the same weight as last month.  Not helped by the fact that Bob’s exercise bike broke. We’re waiting for them to come and take it back, which should have happened 2 weeks ago but they didn’t turn up. The thing is so busted we can’t get it apart to get it back in the box properly, so I’m betting there will be rows when the van finally comes to get it. And I STILL don’t have an outfit for the church, with only a little over 3 weeks to W day. What is even more upsetting is that I haven’t lapsed greatly in the ‘less food’ aspect, even if the exercise hasn’t increased as much as I’d like. So it isn’t like I’ve totally given up and reverted to all my bad habits. Yet I still managed to break my bed just by sitting on it. Very bad for the ego.
  2. The write more plan: Feeling way more positive on this front having learned I am one of the three winners in the QL Podcast fanfic contest. My prize of a signed copy of the QL novel ‘Foreknowledge’ just arrived. I’m still not writing EVERY day, but I’m doing okay-ish. And I’m getting ready for my next pitch.
  3. The read more plan: I’m still more or less on target here. I’ve read 51 books, of which 47 count toward the challenge. And I have 5 part-read. I’m reasonably confident I can keep up with this one.

Yes, I’m still updating the blog – but it is so boring I doubt anyone is bothering to read it.