MAY Update on my ‘Year of Change’ Challenge




It has NOT been a good month.

1. The weight loss plan. Definitely not going according to plan. For the first time I have slipped back. I tipped the scales at 177 exactly this morning. I am very disappointed in myself. I think I’m finding it hard to stay motivated given that finding the right Mother-of-the-Bride outfit is proving all but impossible. Either the length is wrong, or the color, or it isn’t in my size, or it costs more than Becky’s wedding dress. I’m still using the exercise bike, but not yet managing every single day. I am still trying to resist temptation and eat smaller portions too. It obviously isn’t enough. Must try harder.
2. The write more plan. This too is not good news. Another rejection email for my Sweetpea stories has put me on a downer and knocked my confidence. I’m at a standstill on the WiP I want to finish this year – awaiting help from a beta. I’m still doing some writing, but far less than I’d like.
3. The read more plan. I’m doing better here. I’ve read 44 books, of which 40 count towards the challenge. So, more or less on target here.


At least I’m still updating this blog on time.