April Update on my ‘Year of Change’ Challenge



1. The weight loss plan. Today I weighed in at 175.8. Not a big loss, but at least the trend is still in the right direction. I’ve been using Bob’s exercise bike around 4-5 times per week. Not as much as I’d like, but frankly more than I expected to. It isn’t easy to climb on to as the crossbar is quite high for me. And the saddle is far from comfortable. I’m trying not to let those things put me off. I’m snatching 20 minutes or so whenever I can. One day I even managed two sessions. Can’t say I’m proud of my progress, but at least I’m not ashamed of total failure.
2. The write more plan. I AM writing something most days, but not getting very far with the WiP I’m desperate to finish. It is close. There’s only really the final battle to choreograph, and the wrapping up and I know more or less most of what has to happen. It just doesn’t seem to want to get from my brain to my fingers to the page.
3. The read more plan. I’m still on target, with 33 books under my belt. Actually, I’ve read 36, but since four of them were a series of very short children’s stories, I’ve only counted them as one. Think I can feel pleased with myself on this one.

And yes, still updating the blog on time. Yay me.