March update on my ‘Year of Change’ Challenge

  1. The weight loss plan. I tipped the scales at 177.9 lbs this morning, so I’ve virtually plateaued. My excuse is that it was mother’s day in March in the UK, and Becky bought me a couple of bags of fudge. No sinful Easter eggs, since I’m a recovering chocoholic, but still enough to make me slip. On the other hand, son Bob has decided he needs to get a bit a fitter, and his exercise bike has just arrived. He says I can use it too, so let’s hope April will be a much better month. I can report that I’ve got my dress for Becky’s wedding reception – and it is a size 16 instead of my normal size 18. It fits perfectly. OK, so that is more to do with the fact that the style tends to come up large. Still, good for the ego. Also, we went for a long walk in Ampthill park this morning. I’m trying.
  2. The write more plan. I’m doing better here. I wrote a second drabble for the Alphabet soup, and I’ve returned to a long-standing WiP which I’m determined to finish this year. I had a record month for stats at 452 visitors from 32 countries, with 588 views. Knowing I’ve got so many readers is a great incentive to keep writing.
  3. The read more plan. I’m on target, having read 24 books so far. Very encouraged on this one. Nearly 25% done!

Plus, I’m still updating this blog. I even put up an additional post in March.