Shameless Self Promotion


Bonus post

I have been trying to increase my online presence, including posting more regularly on this site. Not that difficult considering I only used to post a handful of times per year before.

To both these ends, I felt it appropriate to advertise here that one of my Quantum Leap fan fiction stories can be heard – yes heard! – on the quantum leap podcast:

QLP Beast of A Leap by Helen Earl

This story was specially written for the Podcast contest. I received a Quantum Leap mousemat for being one of the first entries. If I’m chosen as one of the top three entries, I’ll win a copy of one of the official Quantum Leap novels, ‘Foreknowledge’ signed by the author Christopher DeFilippis.

Wish me luck.



Month 2 – Update Another month into my ‘Year of Change’ Challenge.


Except not all that much has changed, exactly as I feared.

  1. The weight loss plan. I’m currently at 178.2 lbs. So it is a trickle, but still the trend is in the right direction. I guess that the ‘slow but sure’ method is more likely to last long term than the ‘crash now, relapse later’ approach. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ll NEVER be slim. I just want to try to stay healthy. I’ll take what I can get. I’m trying to take more walks, since more vigorous exercise is proving difficult. The weather hasn’t been helping though. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to up the ante on this in the summer.
  2. The write more plan. Much like last month, I haven’t quite achieved something every single day. I’m still writing more than I was last year though, so again, the overall trend is positive.
  3. The read more plan. This is proving difficult, and I’m a tad behind, but I have read 14 books, so I’m not doing too badly. I’m part way through 3 books, too, so it isn’t as if I’m massively behind. I’m certainly not admitting defeat by any means. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to make up lost ground.

As for regularly updating this blog – I’m on schedule! Yay for one target being met.

How about you guys? Any resolutions achieved or on target? Or have they been abandoned?