One Month into my ‘year of change’ challenge


Here as promised is my one month round up of how things are going – or not – with my New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. The weight loss plan. Sadly, this has NOT gotten off to a good start. I began with a weigh-in of 183.2 lbs. I enter February at 180.1 lbs. Not exactly an encouraging start. I have cut down on fizzy drinks and sweets (I gave up chocolate over 20 years ago) but the diet could still be a lot healthier. Why is it that the food that is best for us is twice as expensive as the bad stuff? I’m looking for something to replace the Zumba sessions that helped me lose weight when I was at 15 stones. They don’t run any more. I am taking more walks, but it isn’t anywhere near enough. Verdict: Must do better.
  2. The write more plan. Mixed results here. I haven’t quite achieved the commitment to write something every day. I’ve missed 3-4 days along the way. Some of the days I have written, the writing hasn’t amounted to much. But other days I’ve been quite pleased with. I managed to ‘pen’ an entry for the latest ’Stargate Alphabet Soup’ on the day I signed up. Verdict: Could do better. Need more focus.
  3. The read more plan. This one is going much better. With 8 books completed, I’m on target for my 100 books read in a year challenge. Some have been junior titles of only 73 pages or so, but I also read ‘Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer’, a whopper at 500 odd pages. The average is probably around 300 pages. I’m quite pleased with myself on this one. Verdict: Keep it up.

Bonus – I’m updating this blog!

I have a long way to go, and I’m behind schedule, but at least I’m still trying.