There’s a Dragon in Santa’s Grotto!


The Christmas fair had colourful stalls

And Ginny wanted to see them all.

So did Sweetpea, her dragon pet

He didn’t know about Christmas yet.

As they walked on roads of ice

Ginny told him about being nice

“If you’re naughty Santa won’t come

To leave a present in your room.”

Ginny bought him a knitted hat

His old peapod was squashed and flat

He thanked her with an elegant bow

Sweetpea was being good, for now.

Soon it was time for Santa to come

His sleigh flew round the Town Hall dome

Then he landed in the snowy Square

To cheers from all the children there.

In a Grotto, that smelt of pinecone

Santa sat on his big red throne

As one by one the children came

To get a present, marked with their name

While they waited in line outside

Sweetpea fidgeted and sighed

He didn’t like the cold one jot

And breathed some flames to make it hot


“Careful, Sweetpea, you’ll start a fire!”

Ginny warned, “You’ll scorch the choir.

Don’t be a naughty little boy,

Or you won’t get a Christmas toy.”

But when at last came Ginny’s turn

Santa’s beard began to burn!

Poor Sweetpea hiccupped and singed it slightly

“Sorry, Santa,” said Ginny politely

Santa wasn’t really cross

“It’s just the tip, there’s not much loss.”

But Sweetpea knew he was to blame

And sadly left the Grotto in shame

Outside every trace of warmth was lost

As a bitter wind turned all to frost

When Santa climbed his sleigh to go

He found it stuck fast in the snow

“My sleigh can’t beat this chilly freeze

Sweetpea, melt this ice, quick please

Or there’ll be no more gifts tonight

If my reindeer cannot make their flight.”

So Sweetpea drew his dragon breath

His flames heated the runners beneath

Soon Santa was flying out of sight

Thanks to the dragon who did something right!

by Helen Earl


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