Good luck for a change


For quite a while now, things have been tough for us.
We’ve been saying ‘if it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all’ and it has sure seemed that way.
I won’t go into the whole sorry story now, most people who know me are probably sick of hearing it, and those who don’t know me probably don’t care.
But suffice to say, every tiny bit of good luck is cherished for the rare brightness that it brings.
Today, I celebrate such a little ray of sunshine.

I entered a lucky draw with @Alibi_Channel – being a huge fan of the series Castle I couldn’t resist. There were two prizes up for grabs, with nothing more to do than reblog a tweet for each.
The first prize was a T shirt, with Castle’s famous WRITER logo on the front. reasons
As an amateur writer, I’d love to have this. It is now on my christmas wish list.
The other item was a CASTLE notebook.
It was this I was lucky enough to win.
I was thrilled when I read the DM saying I’d been picked to receive one. I responded with an email giving my address as requested. I was amazed when it arrived very shortly afterward. As requested, I’ve tweeted a picture of myself holding it. {Below}
Castle notebook
It contains an ordinary little white pad of pages, easily replaced once used. It is like a metallic case – similar to a card case – rather than a cardboard cover like a diary, with a clever opening and a neat little pen. It should last quite a while if I don’t batter it around too much in my handbag/workbag. I’ll treasure it.

I am a very happy Castle fan.


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