Don’t die over spilled milk


Last night I had the strangest dream [to quote the song]

It seemed to be an episode of Dr Who, with Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t ever aired as one. Correct me if I’m wrong. Therefore, I’m offering it up to Who fans as a potential fanfic. If anyone wants to write it, be my guest, but please just credit ‘Inspired by…’ [you can use my real name Helen Earl, or my pseudonym Maddersahatter]

You can use any Doctor you like, it was just McCoy that I ‘saw’ in my dream. Curious, as he isn’t my favorite doctor or anything [Tennant is]. The Assistant was Ace, who I DO like a lot. But that is incidental.

All I can remember is that there was an alien entity which resembled a puddle of milk, and acted sort of like a ‘white’ black hole. Whenever somebody spilled any milk, the spillage would grow and grow. If somebody stepped in it, they would be sucked in and disappear. Furniture and other inanimate objects were strangely immune. It only swallowed living things.

Yet the entity was afraid of cats, because they were able to drink the milk and the entity within, without ill effects. Stupid, but there you go [such are dreams]. So whenever a cat approached, the spillage would retreat across the room.

Queue a scene of Doctor and assistant herding cats.

I’m afraid I woke up before I found out how the entity was eventually defeated/mopped up/sent back whence it came.

If this sparks anything and you write it, please send me a link.