Extract from my WiP fanfic


I’ve been working on a crossover fanfic for quite a while now – on and off.
Quantum Leap meets Stargate, when Sam Beckett leaps into Dr Daniel Jackson.
It got shelved for a while as I was working on other projects, and because I’d got stuck on a scene. I’d come back to it to find I’d forgotten why I set up a particular minor plot point.
I think I’m back on track now.
Ideally, I’d like to have been able to say it was finished by the time I go to meet RDA on 18.7.15. I don’t think that’ll be possible though.
Even so, I’m excited to be working on it again.
I realised I needed to insert an extra scene, so I went back to check the continuity. Reading through, I came across this exchange between Daniel and Al in the Waiting Room. I think, at least I hope, that the last line is typical Daniel.
I thought I’d post it, so that fans can tell me if I’m right.

For various reasons I won’t go into here, they are discussing Daniel’s previous foray into time travel in 1969 [this story is set near the end of Season 2, when Daniel still had floppy hair] and how it pertains to the current situation, in which Sam Beckett is in critical condition.

“As Sam – my Sam – explained it, the wormhole was redirected closer to the sun and the increased gravity slingshot us back to Earth in the past. Fortunately, we ran into General Hammond. Only he was Lt. Hammond then. George remembered and in the intervening years he had Sam Carter research the phenomenon. When the time came he gave her a note to take through the Gate telling himself to help us and giving the dates of two solar flares so we could catch one home.”
“I wish we could dial one up to get Sam home to his own time,” Al put in.
“He’d have to go back to the planet, and he’s not up to that at the moment. Besides, it’s a very delicate calculation, even if you know for sure the exact time of a solar flare. First time we overshot and went into the future. Which is what confused me and made me doubt you when you said we were in danger, and when it turned out we were all going to die on this mission. We met Cassie in the future and she said she’d forgotten what I looked like with hair. I took that to mean I was going to live to go bald in my old age.”
“Cassie? Our Doctor? Cassandra Koulianos? You knew her before?”
“Oh, no, no. Not your Cassie. Our Cassie. We rescued her from a planet where –oh it’s a very long story. Short version: she was sole survivor of her people so our Dr. Fraiser adopted her and is raising her here on Earth. She was an old woman when we met her in the future, of course.”
“As our Sam proves every day, the future can change, Daniel. Let’s hope by the time this leap ends you’re back on track to getting old and going bald.”
“To be honest, I’m not exactly married to the going bald bit,” Daniel pushed his hair back out of his eyes and smiled.