Pitching again


Quick update:

As I said in an earlier post, I discovered that the relatively new Publishing House Curious Fox accepts pitches from authors direct to their own slush pile, without the need to sign with an agent first.
I was very excited by this, since their small, ‘family’ atmosphere business sounds like a perfect match for me. As does their plan to start representing children’s picture books. Guess what I write?
So after I met Helen Freeman on Children’s book day, I studied the Curious Fox website and tried to learn all I could about the company. Then I got to work on my pitch, taking my time and making sure I addressed things such as CF‘s USPs of curiosity, creativity and personality.
I sent my covering letter, synopsis and two titles: There’s a Dragon in my Soup! and There’s a Dragon at the Seaside! via email on 8th April 2015.
Now comes the anxious wait to find out what they think.
I have a really good feeling about this company. I only hope they feel the same way about me.