The Purrr-fect Interogation


This message has been endorsed by my three kittehs!

Words with a View

This world is a beautiful yet treacherous place, in the midst of all the chaos, companionship makes everything worthwhile, and a gem of a friend is amongst the greatest blessing you could hope to acquire on your journey through the perilous pathways of this planet. But how do you know whom to pick as your amiable amigo? If only there was some kind of scientific experiment that could help us to deduce whether this particular humanoid will bring forth smiles or sorrows, but unfortunately its not that easy, although, there is one question which can help me, personally, determine if the specimen is worth pursuing or not.. based on a simple inquiry.. Do you love cats? if followed by an enthusiastic answer.. “OMG! I DO!!!” ……is enough to ensure a start of a new bond for me 🙂 Mark Twain preferred this method as well.. so it must be pretty effective.

When-a-man-loves  Maria Saif Daily…

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