Challenge result


Well, the results are in, and I didn’t place in the writing challenge.
I can accept this, there were some very strong entries. The only thing that niggles is that I hope I failed on the strength – or rather weakness – of my entry, not for any perceived failure to adhere to the conditions of entry.
I was told that I would get a private message as an entrant, that I should reply to with my two required votes. I didn’t get a private message, so I voted by replying to a general message. The two stories I voted for were placed 2nd and 3rd, but of course I have no way to know if my individual votes were received and counted.
I did email to ask about the voting process, but didn’t receive a reply.
I am naturally disappointed not to have been in the top three, but I am far more disappointed by the failure of communication, which has soured the experience for me.


Curiously, five minutes after I posted this, I finally received a response to the email I sent on Wednesday lunchtime last week asking for a copy of the terms and conditions and instructions for voting. The T&C was attached, but it just said ‘a private message’ would be sent today prompting me to vote. It still hasn’t arrived, and since the results are in, it is too little too late.


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