Writing Challenge


I’ve been a member of the Writer’s Carnival for a while now, but mostly I’ve just been a lurker.
I must confess I haven’t always followed the email links to check out what’s going on, especially when I’ve been busy.
Now I’ve determined that – since I can’t afford to join SCBWI – I ought to become more active on sites like this; not just to increase my ‘online presence’, but also to give me much needed practice in my craft.
So when I got the email about this Wednesday’s challenge, I made sure to check it out.
The brief:
To write a flash fiction story, no more than 200 words, that involves winter nights in ancient times.
The top three entries will be paid and published in the January 2015 issue of Reader’s Carnival, with the top entry getting the writer’s name on the cover!
Now most people who know me will assume that I’m attracted by the ‘getting paid’ part, since money is so tight at the moment. I can’t deny that it would be most welcome, though I don’t know what the fee is and assume it is a modest amount.
Yet for me at this point success in this endeavor would have a far more significant impact.
To be able to say that I have something published – even a little drabble like this – and that it was voted by my peers would be very helpful when making my pitches to literary agents. It would be something to encourage them to take me more seriously. Although I am trying to break into the children’s picture book market and this isn’t relevant in terms of content, I believe it could still be a step in the right direction. Not to mention being a boost to my ego!
I have no idea if I stand any chance at all. My little offering is not exactly Booker Prize material. Yet I think it compares favourably with at least a couple of the other entries. I have been given positive feedback so far from other Writer’s Carnival members. The challenge closes on Wednesday 26th November 2014 with the winners announced on Wednesday 3rd December. So I don’t have too long to wait. I’m not getting my hopes up, and if I don’t get anywhere this time, there are other challenges on the site at frequent intervals that I am eligible to take part in. It is all good experience.
Wish me luck friends.
Here is my entry…

Ancient Winter Night Discovery
By Helen Earl

Bright ball gone again.
Sky all dark.
White wet falling.
Ug cold.
Ug hungry.
Ug no find meat.
Too much white wet. All hard now.
Ug sleep in cave.
Cave cold.
Cave dark.
Ug no like.
Ug put sticks in pile by cave mouth. Keep animals out.
Ug put plenty sticks.
Ug lie under furs.
Ug wait for bright ball.
Bright ball come back.
Ug hunt.
More white wet.
Ug hungry. No meat. No small squishy food on trees.
Ug go back to cave when bright ball go.
Ug bring more sticks.
Ug cold.
Ug rub hands. Make warm.
Ug rub stick in hands. Make warmer.
Ug feel stick get hot.
Small bright balls jump in sticks.
Ug scared.
Ug warm.
Ug happy.

What do you think?


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