Exciting news


My mobile phone rang while we were driving to Wellingborough this afternoon.
I rarely get calls – apart from automated ones telling me how much I can claim on my PPI – so I often ignore it, even though I’m not the one driving. However, since Robert was home alone and Becky was out and might have broken down, I thought I’d better answer it.
Much to my surprise, it was an invitation to interview at 10am on Tuesday next week [4.11.14].
I applied for the post of Library Manager at a local Upper School – now officially called an Academy Trust – without much expectation of getting an interview, but my application obviously did the trick.
Now I just have to hope that interview nerves don’t get the better of me. Traditionally, I don’t interview very well. I get tongue tied, and think of the perfect answer later that night, or even a week later. What is it the French call that? “L’esprit d’escalier” – The spirit of the staircase – never quite understood why it is called that, but I certainly experience it all too often.
This would be an ideal job for me.
I have a lot of experience working in schools, and have worked in the library system for the past three years.
I have many skills to bring to the role, and would find much job satisfaction from it.
Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it is 37 hours per week, term time plus two weeks, so it would also pay a great deal better than the part time job I’m in at the moment, alleviating some of our money worries. Not to mention I wouldn’t have to work Saturdays any more and would get most of the school holidays off like I used to before I was made redundant.
Although I really enjoy my current job and would miss it and some of my colleagues, there would be occasions where we would liaise so I could still keep in touch.
Feels like a win-win.
Here’s hoping my competition isn’t too strong and I make the cut.

Prayers, pixie dust and positive vibes welcomed.

Any suggestions for acing the interview?


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