Fangirl squee!


In my quest to surround myself with people who share my love of writing I am following a number of writers, publishers and agents on Twitter. I am linking with writers and authors wherever and whenever I can.
I have subscribed to the awesome David Hewlett’s YouTube blog. [Yes, I do mean the same David Hewlett who plays Rodney McKay in Stargate!]
He posted a vlog called ‘Written Off’ last week, which I commented on.
This week he did a follow up called ‘Rambling, Writerly Tips & Tricks’ where he responds to comments on ‘Written Off’ and so I get a mention! It is somewhere around 19mins 47seconds.
I’m having a massive fangirl squee that David Hewlett said my name on YouTube and gave me advice. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I met him at LFCC in July this year [2014] and he was charming.
Now I’m an even bigger fan!


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