Third time lucky?


So, I’ve sent my third literary agent query out into the big wide world.

I know it is still early days.

I know it would take a miracle to get a yes so soon.

But I have to approach each pitch as if this is the “the one”.

So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it will be third time lucky.

Time will tell.


Pitching again


Last weekend I made my second submission to a literary agent.

I sent the altered version of ‘There’s a Dragon in my Soup‘ and two other titles as per advice from the agent on Twitter.

Having sent the online submission, I saw a tweet saying there was a problem with the forms, and to resubmit by email. This I did.

I got a reply on Monday. Yay for a really quick turnaround, but sadly it was another ‘no’.

This one was more generic, lacking in encouraging feedback, but still I know it is all part of the process.

One more step along the road. I just hope it is ‘the road to success’ and that I will ultimately reach that enviable destination.

Third time lucky? Optimistic, but it only takes one. Every pitch has to be sent with the idea that this could be the one.

Onward and upward.