Pitching in


Well, I’ve done it!
I’ve sent off my first agent submission letter.

I’ve looked at sample letters on the internet.

I’ve consulted the Agent Association Members Directory to be sure I know who is legitimate.

I’ve checked the websites of several agents, looking at who they represent, what type of books they are looking for, and what guidelines they give for submissions.

I thought about making multiple pitches. Most of the online advice suggests that you should probably pitch to between three and six agents at a time. Not more than eight. This is to balance maximizing your chances of getting a yes against flooding the market with a pitch that may need honing.

I’ve already picked out a handful of other agents in case I get a rejection from the first, but decided I would make a single pitch to start with.

I would be thrilled to get signed by this agency, the Caroline Sheldon Agency. They represent some of my favorite authors, such as Teri Terry and Julia Donaldson, and also some wonderful illustrators such as Debi Gliori.

I know the odds are that I’ll get a ‘not interested’ from them. I know the odds are I’ll get dozens before I a get a yes – if I ever do – but I have to start somewhere.

The longest journey begins with a single step.

I’ve taken that first step.

Let’s see where it takes me.


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