My Picture Book Stories


I have written a series of 5 (so far) stories which I’d love to have turned into children’s picture books.

They collectively form The Adventures of Ginny Giant and Sweetpea the Dragon

As of January 2014 I am seriously looking into getting them published.

I am connecting with authors and publishers on Twitter.I’ve always loved reading, and have been writing fan-fiction for over 20 years. Writers are my kind of people!

I have followed links to sites and posts giving advice.

I have already started to follow some of this advice. Hey, I’ve started this blog!

  • I haven’t had my stories illustrated. I can’t draw myself and all the articles I’ve read suggest that publishers like to assign their own artists.
  • I’ve registered the copyright on my stories with an online site. This is to protect me from copyright theft by members of the public at large as I move to the next stage: doing market research.
  • I am arranging to ‘field test’ the stories with some children I don’t know.
  • I am looking at the ‘who’ and the ‘how to’ of getting a literary agent.
  • I am researching children’s picture book publishers. So far the one I’d most love to carry my books is Little Tiger Press. I adore their books, and they fit best with the ‘vision’ I have for how I’d like my stories to look.
  • I am looking ahead to new titles I can add to my series. I have a long list of ideas and intend to make sure that amidst the process of trying to publish the first five, I don’t forget to write more!

Wish me luck!


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